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Canister Boxes
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Canister Boxes


The Canister Box is a cylindrical tube made of laminated cardboard with base and lid. The lid may be of plastic cardboard or metal. We make the following diameters: 55, 65, 73, 80, 89, 92, 99 and 105 mm


This type of box is indicated for the packaging of bottles and cylindrical items: wines, oils, liquors, honeys, nuts, gourmet products, etc. However, it may perfectly be used for any other product as an original packaging format, box for toys, jigsaw puzzles or whatever other item you may think of.


Eco-friendly and fully recyclable only if the lids are made of cardboard or metal. A long-lasting packaging which will protect your product against shocks with a hermetic closure. Original as non-traditional packaging and good value for money.


It can be wrapped with smooth or embossed printed paper, used with the same finishes as the classic gift boxes and stamp your logo in it.

Custom Box Inserts

This type of box is not normally used with die-cut interiors because it is mainly intended for bottles and cylindrical items packaging. Please enquire directly with us if you have a different idea which needs die-cutting interiors in cardboard or foam.

Orders and Quotes

Contact us to request a personal quotation for our canister boxes. Minimum order is 100 units and the approximate price per unit (NOT FINAL PRICE) is 2.95 euros including customization for boxes of 55, 65, 73, 80, 89, 92, 99 and 105 mm of diameter and 34.5 mm of height. Please contact us for further details and to request a final quotation to your needs.

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