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Cosmetic Rigid Boxes
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Cosmetic Rigid Boxes


We manufacture box packaging for your cosmetic and perfume products. Custom gift boxes in 1.2 mm thick cardboard wrapped with 115g luxury paper.


This type of box is widely used by the cosmetic industry. It is the most popular packaging for multi-item gift boxes and cosmetic promotions, such as promotional testers packs for your brand or self-care limited editions of your products. The versatility of our boxes makes them customisable to fit most luxury items.


The luxury of the rigid box adds value to your product. Immaculate display packaging with a wide range of customisable possibilities, it is suitable for any requirement. It is fully eco-friendly and fully recyclable, we ensure we only use water-based glues. Our most requested types are the book-style, chest-style and classic gift box.


Play with different types of lining with smooth or embossed paper with the stamp of your logo in monochrome. Play with the colour of the base and lid of your box and create the most suitable box for your luxury products. Try our ‘design your own custom box’ section to see all possible colour combinations.

Custom Box Inserts

It is recommended to use interior fillings for display and for protection of cosmetic products. Choose between die cut cardboard or foam in the shape of your items. Functionality and elegance make a rigid box the perfect packaging choice.

Orders and Quotes

Contact us to request a personal quotation for our boxes. Minimum order is 100 units and the approximate price per unit (NOT FINAL PRICE) is 1.79 euros (customisation not included) for a 20.0 x 10.0 x 4.0 cm classic rigid box. Please contact us for further details and final personal quotation.

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